Public Corruption

When you’re in the public eye, your image is crucial, because it is the representation of your personal character and integrity. If you’re accused of corruption, it becomes incredibly tricky to credibly defend yourself not just in the courtroom, but in the media, and if word gets out, in the often-brutal court of public opinion.

Your future is far too important to leave to any me-against-them political popularity contest.

The law office of Robert J. Watson represents public officials, corporate officials, and state and federal officials in Stuart, Martin County, and St. Lucia County who are charged with crimes of corruption.

Accusations of public corruption take many forms, including:

  1.  Vote trading
  2. To support someone else's political agenda in exchange for their support of your own political agenda
  3. Embezzlement
  4. Dishonestly appropriating assets or monies by one or more people to whom they were entrusted
  5. Misuse of funds
  6. Illegally using money for a purpose other than the one intended for the account or fund
  7. Fraud
  8. To wrongfully and intentionally deceive for personal or monetary gain. This includes income tax fraud, bank fraud, securities fraud, computer fraud, and credit card fraud.
  9. Extortion
  10. Threatening to publicly reveal secret, potentially humiliating, destructive, or incriminating information about someone unless a demand is met (also called blackmail).
  11. Conspiracy
  12. Conspiring with another person to do something illegal, such as disregard for proper procedures, favoritism, or misappropriation of funds
  13. Bribery
  14. Giving or taking a gift in order to unfairly influence the outcome of a particular decision or situation, especially involving public officials
  15. Money laundering
  16. Engaging in a series of monetary transactions designed to conceal the destination or source of illegally-gained funds

If you are facing these accusations, you need to be heard, and this office is a safe place where you can tell your story in total confidence. Your defense attorney will hear you out, and build your case on hard facts, while working diligently to minimize any negative publicity. Don’t take chances when your case could be humiliatingly public. You must work with an attorney experienced at successfully defending police officers, office holders, firefighters, public officials, businesspeople, CEOs, and other high-profile individuals.

Don’t risk your reputation. Charges of public corruption have the potential to devastate your political influence, your career, and even your personal life.