Sex Offenses

These are the kinds of accusations that not only harm you, but your family, your career, your social standing, and your future. Remember, if you are facing sex crime allegations such as rape, sexual misconduct, or child molestation, you absolutely have the right to a fair trial where you are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Sex offenses encompass many different types of criminal sexual behavior, such as  voyeurism, statutory rape, public indecency, prostitution, pandering, unlawfuly sodomy, date rape, and indecent exposure. Anyone can accuse a person falsely, destroying your standing in the community and your peace of mind with simply a sentence or two.

Often, false accusations can be made of in child sexual abuse. Another adult can influence a child's story, or the child could have simply fabricated one. We understand that not every reported case of child molestation is substantiated.

To effectively confront these terrible accusations, from the very beginning, you must have a fully competent attorney to represent you at each stage of the process. Being convicted of a sex crime is incredibly serious. If a conviction results in a long prison sentence, once the sentence is served, you still must register as a sex offender in most communities, so the conviction––and the stigma–– will follow you for years.

The punishments for sex offenses vary dramatically, depending on which crime the victim alleges against you. A misdemeanor conviction (like a lewd act) could receive up to a year of jail time, community service, a fine, or possibly probation. However, felony sex crimes can be punished with a lengthy prison sentence (including a life term).

Consent is a defense many use against allegations of a sex crime. However, by law, a person’s consent isn’t considered legally valid if he or she is under 18,  mentally disabled, intoxicated, or unconscious.

The subject matter of sex crimes is taboo and makes most people downright squeamish. These sensitive kinds of cases are won by fearless attorneys who are well-versed in your legal rights, thoroughly prepared to make your defense. Should your case go from investigation to trial, we will be ready to present a carefully researched case with strong evidence to refute the accusations and restore your peace of mind. We understand that your freedom is at stake here, which is why we will do our best to make sure you are well represented, fighting to get justice for you in court.

If you’ve been accused of a sex offense or sex crime in Stuart, Martin County, or St. Lucie County, please call our office at 772-288-1880.  The law office of Robert J. Watson has successfully represented many clients in these kinds of cases, and we are committed to obtain exceptional results for you.