What is white collar crime?

"White collar crime" indicates a deceptive, non-violent act of criminal trespass. White collar crimes are often committed by a public official, a businessperson, or someone of respectability or high social status. If you're in an organization that you suspect is involved criminal activity, what are your rights? Even if you didn't know a behavior was illegal, you can still be fully prosecuted for any of the following:

Embezzlement: taking of another person's property by the individual(s) to whom it was legally entrusted.

Bribery: giving or taking a gift in order to unfairly influence the outcome of a particular decision or situation, especially involving public officials

Larceny: wrongfully taking another person's property with the intent of stealing or selling it.

Extortion: threatening to publicly reveal secret, potentially humiliating, destructive, or incriminating information about someone unless a demand is met (also called blackmail).

Fraud: to wrongfully and intentionally deceive for personal or monetary gain. This includes income tax fraud, bank fraud, securities fraud, computer fraud, and credit card fraud.

Securities Fraud: when brokers artificially inflate the price of stocks so that buyers purchase a stock on the rise.

Obstruction of Justice: to willfully interfere with a criminal investigation.

Perjury: to lie under oath in a judicial proceeding.

Forgery: to use a false or worthless document, such as a check, with the intent to defraud or injure the recipient.

Insider Trading: to use confidential, inside, or advance information to unfairly trade stock shares of publicly held corporations.

Investigators often use a "paper trail" as evidence to prosecute these cases. Convictions for these crimes are serious and often result in prison time, hefty fines, and/or restitution for the victims. These cases and the details involved are extremely complicated.  Authorities often spend years investigating them prior to filing charges.

If you find yourself the subject of a white collar crime investigation, do not take chances. The gravity of the situation is intimidating, but you have options and rights. Since each criminal defense case is unique, there is no 100 percent guarantee of success. But if you hire a proven white collar crimes attorney who can craft and execute a tested and proven trial strategy, you take a crucial step toward winning your legal battle.

Our attorneys focus on getting any criminal charges and claims against you dismissed as early as possible, and winning all cases that go on to trial. While many cases are resolved without a trial (with a dismissal or an acceptable plea settlement), from day one, we will fully prepare as if your case will actually go to trial. We're well-versed in representing residents who have been charged in the Martin County and St. Lucie County legal system.